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Conversational Coaching

Finding Inspiration in Every Conversation

  • So much of today’s “coaching” and therapy focuses on the past and the why. While that is a valid entry toward change, David says, “You might start with why, but you’ll always following by asking what. What are your dreams? What inspires you? What is your vision, purpose, or calling? What are your goals and what are your challenges? What actions do I need to take?


  • What is your what?


  • Conversational Coaching is about becoming self-aware of our predictable behavior and predictable reactions in the moment. Every time we find ourselves at a crossroad we often take an action that is familiar, keeping us in our comfort zone.


  • As our authentic self emerges, as we free ourselves from old habits, patterns, and familiar conversations, we regain our ability to choose freely and we take action outside our box.


  • The intention of Conversational Coaching is to shift your conversation from explanations, justifications, and reasons why… to WHAT questions that designed to reveal your blindspots and evoke intentional actions.

WHAT_IF copy.jpg

— Oz Garcia 

Thought Leader

David guides you through the conversation in a way that you have the opportunity to authentically examine your humanity and transform your mindset.

— Geno Stampora — Inspirational Speaker

David knows how to transfer his knowledge to others; his ability to connect with people is unparalleled. He coaches his students to overcome their fear of success.

—Maria Fontana —

Intuitive Business Coach

So moving and powerful! The Power of Asking What? is absolutely what the world needs to read.
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