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Welcome to the Conversation

This year David Kinigson celebrates 50 years as hairdresser. It’s been and continues to be an amazingly fulfilling career. Most of you know David K as an award winning haircutter, salon owner, celebrated independent educator, international magazine editorial stylist, inspirational keynote speaker, author, and creative main stage presenter. Some you know David as a songwriter, martial artist, and photographer.


But did you know that David is a also a Transformational Career Coach, Mentor, and Leadership Coach? Specifically, David is a Conversational Coach.


You might ask, “What is Conversational Coaching with David Kinigson?” 


  • Conversational Coaching is David Kinigson’s unique approach to “Doing The Work” to overcome the challenges, fears, and obstacles that limit our performance and our ability to produce sustainable and desirable results.


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“I’ve known David for 45-years and I can say that he has always lived true to his Ultimate Intention, which is People Live an Inspired Life! This is a book of powerful distinctions and dialogues, illuminating questions, and real-life practices, engaging in which will give you a pathway and access for creating and living true to your Ultimate Intention."

Richard Condon

“I was a believer in the WHY driving my life and business. Then David taught me that asking WHAT? creates action and changes mindset in all ways that lead to our unique and brilliant life.” 

Mary Wilson – CEO Wilson Educational Productions

"It is a deep topic that David has laid out in a way that will get the reader to think and maybe think differently.”

Jay Williams – Author/ Executive Coach/ Speaker

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